Nice to “e-meet” you! I’m excited to share my story with you and why I feel I can help your

small business or non-profit make magic on social media.


I’ve been telling stories my whole life - from acting out the soundtrack to Aladdin with my siblings in the living room, to performing onstage in theatre productions. I’ve always been searching for opportunities to connect and share information with people in genuine and engaging ways. It’s why I decided to obtain degrees in both advertising and acting from Ball State University and sought out classes that focused on building social communities.

Through professional experience as a voiceover talent agent, marketing coordinator for a boutique winery, and the Marketing/Outreach Coordinator for a community theatre, I’ve developed a passion for working with small businesses and non-profits. Portland and the surrounding areas are amazing locations for both!

These types of organizations are filled with passion for both the people and the product - overflowing with genuine stories that their ideal customers are excited to hear. I started Raindrop Social Media to offer solutions for small businesses and non-profits to tell their story, reach their followers in a meaningful way, and grow their business through support from their social community.


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